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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  October 22, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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. we are just one hour and seven minutes away from game time, world series is set to start and we will give you a live look, you can see a lot of people are already getting the good seats, saving their seat for the game that is about to start. first pitch at 5:07 and i am
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excited to see it is so crowded in there. >> welcome to game coverage, game 2 of the world series and they are hoping they can win again and paul claimers is bash chambers is back in walnut creek. >> i assume you will tell us who they belong to. >> reporter: i guess i can tell you who they belong to. it is a very important person and was with ktvu years ago. tell me about these rings. >> these are the world series rings from when the genes were in new york and it is the world series this year and the other one is the 2012 from the great series two years ago. >> reporter: of course we have a lot of giants around the years but these are more about your family, right? >> absolutely. my grandfather brought the giants in 1958 and my great grandfather brought them in
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1919. so the legend is what my grandfather brought to the game. what we'll see is a legacy and what we are seeing today. >> reporter: of course possibly 2014? >> that would be true and it is a great legacy as a result of my grandfather's dedication and love for 60 years of the game. thank you for speaking with me and i will hold on a little bit longer but he has a lot more coming and i did find a few special glasses that we will have out and you can buy these or drink out of them tonight and of course there is one rules fan because the giants are ready to take it again tonight. paul chambers coming to you with the bling. >> if you don't remember, that
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was the world famous catch over the cleveland indians and of course who are as moved the giants in 1958. >> you should see they are different in size. >> i tried on one of the reason ones and i feel like i had a golf ball and i loved it. for those of you who have not had that opportunity, perhaps they are more unstated. -- understated. i know you were looking for what is available and for those of us who want to show our giants and they have been trucking in stuff all morning and ready and these folks are not the only ones loading up on items for fans. take a look at this, the java house is just a few yards away from the embarcadero and they
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have gone into over stock mode, making sure they had enough food and it also means making sure they have enough people behind the counter too. >> they are doing their best and wanting to come help, sister-in-law, my kids, and we have some extras. >> reporter: you can see some workers in the giants' dugout, we have a few cranes and missing, they are all here in time for the crowd tomorrow and friday. reporting live, david stevenson ktvu news. >> they say they can't shave this beard and we asked them to send us their superstition and boy did you ever respond.
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first up, picture of a little guy. mom said my little guy wore this giant's shirt to the cardinals and again last night and he will continue to wear it every game of the world series. as a mom i say keep wearing it as long as it's still clean. and let's get behind ice cream. my son went crazy but the days i didn't eat banana pudding the giants' lost so here she is with the banana pudding. we have some bling, we have the toes the shots ready to go and a lot of orange and black on the nails. i have a couple of more pictures here. orange and black striped socks, you can wear these, thanks to andrea garcia and this one i had not seen before, this comes from gail loretta and she said
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my luck is in my giant's purse and everything you did last night, you will do again tomorrow, just go by ktvu on facebook. some of the talks centered around the bullpen and how the giants could not afford to be behind them as of late. 3 runs in the first inning and add to that lead, a sold out stadium at the party and fans started with the starting lineup and they sang the national anthem and they barely settled into their seats when the giants quieted them down. lining down the line, buster posey climbed from first and he will be showing out on a nice relay. hunter peninsular put a field's
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pitch over instead of a 3-1 inning. and they had a chance in the third, mike got to madison bumgarner nobody out, omar infante on third, just like that, they had two runners in scoring position, a base hit and it is 3-2. here is how madison bumgarner responded. high fastball to escobar. that is out number 1. then nouri can't hold up, out number 2. and eric grounds out for out number 3 and the errors never give in? runners out on second and third and he was able to strike out 2
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and reduced the ground ball. >> can't say enough, 25 years old, that was his third world series appearance and he had not allowed a run until that solo home run last night. >> roberts was here and i was talking to him and i said how would you describe madison bumgarner? and i goes, determined. >> and i said how would you rank him? >> and i said i would call him a top ten pitcher. >> i said is that as good as it gets for you? >> yes, and i said because i don't like pitchers and that's the ultimate compliment. >> the thing about madison bumgarner, they asked him about runners in second and third and nobody out and he said i kind of like those situations and what happens is another gear kicks in and if you are a competitor, that is when you rise to the occasion. >> and you could hear him
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grunting, boy he was into it. and the city is rich with a lot of history, one spot is visited by locals and visitors alike, mike in kansas city took a detour to visit the station. >> reporter: we actually come to union station a lot in the evening, so... just kind of admiring the architecture. >> reporter: this is union station, kansas city. >> this used to be the central hub for the united states. >> reporter: and next month celebrates 100 years. all connections from the north and west to kansas city and it is also known to the kansas city massacre. june 17th, attempted ambush to bust out or be transported, four police officers in a criminal fugitive were killed. >> reporter: massive gunfire. bullet holes remaining and the
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city moves on. >> it is another piece of our history, there is so much in our town, some things you can remember more and others you don't. >> that was mike reporting from union station and underwent a major renovation from all over the world. >> he is amazing on twitter. these guys have been eating pancakes and he has been giving us great coverage and if you are not following him on twitter, you will search him and i am jealous that he got to go. kansas city world series fans are trying to rally spirit for game two and no doubt they spent the day licking their wounds and here is what they had to say immediately after the gains won last night. >> james shields needs to be better, and that's pretty much
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it. >> reporter: what surprised you the most about the giants, was it madison bumgarner? >> madison bumgarner is amazing, he is a great pitcher. >> will they be quite as strong? >> well, giants got the ball, he can't do anything about that. >> man we try and we will be all right :
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. this is a kansas city royals fan and he is calming down at the game, arms folded, eyes closed -- >> that is one expensive knap. >> so you pay 500 for the ticket and you are sleeping throughout the game. >> well, that is waisted money, i paid for it and i am going to watch it -- >> you are going to watch that whole game. of course the game ended at a great time on the west coast but kansas city time -- >> it is the world series. >> well, it is passed bedtime. >> i think it had more to do with the fact that it was 7-0. >> at a certain point we were like, we've got this. >> one of the elements that characterized all three of the world series teams has been
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contributions up and down the lineup often times by lesser known players. lead off blanco is the latest to play, blanco was the first batter last night and took the steam out of the kansas city crowd and he singled up james shield and immediately but the pressure on. the next one is joe panic and took it to center and blanco takes the more unconventional act and getting into scoring position at second base and then he scored the first run on pablo sandoval's double. then blanco showed the other part of the game. he had a runner on base when blanco went deep into center and went to cosmonaut's drive that which -- cass mow's drive that scored and had an rbi and it's not bad because he is out season ending surgery. >> that should be -- that is
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going to be amazing if you can do it but at the same time, he did a great job tonight and he deserved he worked so hard and to be able to do that home run i appreciate what he did for us. >> often times the world series is a stable for lesser known players. we will throw one out, 1985, bay area guy by the name of budly bee can't can -- byianco. when you talk about royals, maybe blanco will be all of a sudden on a national stage people will go, okay, good point. let's go back to the k-as mark calls it. mark, where did you get to watch the game from last night, where were your seats? >> well, they gave us a really great spot. >> reporter: we were up in the press area, lots of great food,
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great view and everybody seemed to be in this one section right next to us but you know when i am in another up to i like to listen to sports radio and see what they are saying about the giants and the al1sl0 or what have you and i am listening and they were describing jake on one of the kansas city stations and calling him the perfect example of mediocrity. they were boasting they could get to that guy and he has been nothing short of sensational since the giants acquired him near the mid-season mark very demons demonstrative, kind of reminded you have a pitcher back in the 1970s who used to talk and he is nothing close to
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mediocrity, here is what he had to say. >> he is a veteran guy he has been around the block and he channels that energy in a positive manner, that is the way he pitches, he is very emotional and i think it's a good thing for him and he needs it to be successful and that's what he has always done and this stable is not too big for him. -- stage is not too big for him. >> all right, and ventura is tonight's starting paper for the royals throw -- starting pitcher throws harder for the royals 96-mile-per-hour and it just so happens the giants have the highest batting average as they throw harder than 95-mile- per-hour and they are hitting 286 collectively as a team and that goes well for them. we are getting closer to game time and we send it back to you in the bay area.
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>> thank you, mark. let's show more of our photos and this is a little baby, a kitten is what i call them when they are this young. this can't be more than a couple of weeks old. from giants days to maybe weeks, i love this grandma. this was sent to us from elizabeth. some grandma's wear pink, i wear orange and black. a lot of people have been sending us their traditions and these are jello shots and the giants love those. jello shots have become a world series tradition, hash tag giants to win and black and orange in the yell is low shots, this morning i was doing my domestic goddess and i was
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making meatloaf and i connote tis -- help but notice i had orange and black in the pan so no matter where you look orange and black is everywhere. mark, we talked about the fact that mark ibanez is in a polo shirt and enjoying some nice weather out there. >> you feel the weight of the world and hope the conditions are okay and tonight we are tracking a cold front which can generate some showers and of course in the bay area we will be watching our weather pattern and for now we have a few high clouds and we are making the orange october calendar. we are tracking the forecast for game 3 friday at at&t park and we are expect being partly cloudy skies and there was the threat of rain and it has been delayed a bit.
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friday 5:07 partly cloudy skies and winds are out of the southwest at 15-mile-per-hour. the forecast will zip through friday and we just have partly cloudy skies banked offshore and way in the upper left hand portion of the screen that could be a key factor for saturday's forecast and for the friday game it looks good out there. >> thank you mark. there are a lot of giants' fans out here on channel 2. just incase there was any doubt, take look at this. ñsxóxgñ
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. ready to play at the stadium, the game is starting in about a half hour, fans are making their way inside and weather could not be any better and giants fans are watching the game right here on ktvu
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channel 2 and we hope they give us a repeat of what they did yesterday. >> there are some very interesting stories about players on the kansas city royals and one of them is lorenzo cain. we will put up a quote, i tried out for basketball and got cut. my mom wouldn't let me play football in high school so for me baseball was about it. he didn't start playing baseball until he was in soth grade. he said i -- soth grade, he said i was terrible. when roberts was here, i was asking him about that and i was saying, how big of a deal is it to start playing in 10th grade and then make it to the major leagues. and he said wait a minute he didn't play at all? and i said no and he said that is incredible over and over and it shows what kind of an
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athlete he is. >> there are some baseball skills you have to get a handle on. especially if he could pick it up later in the game. >> that is absolutely normal. they start them when they are out of diapers. >> mom wouldn't let them play and i will try this, here he is now playing center field for the royals. >> i guess it all worked out. >> i think they have to have a sense of urgency. >> they have a rookie going. let's see how he reacts. >> okay, let's get your crunchy sticks and stay with us on our moble app and from home just
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use the hash tag giants to win and the world series is coming up next and we ask you to stick around for complete giants' coverage after the game and before we go, because it was so good, let's give you another look at how our giants took game one.
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company we are fox sports. ♪ >> last night, the san francisco giants stunned the team of destiny with their bats. >> that is down in the right field corner. one run


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